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>> chairman nolan: directorss-:m bridges. >> director bridges: he covered the issues i wanted to speak about and that was the/6+ drop-off with the paratransit, service vehicles and concerns about taxisj( drop off passengers taking longer. i'm concernedeúd conflicted in the documentation going back to the bulbout versus what youb c have in the staff inspect!.voting on that is a conflictn m i want to sure we're legislating on the right thing as well. >> i think we're comfortablew![9cidzys removing that particular bulb from this legislation at the time. >> i'll move that. >>ake that's another northwest corner of oak and broderick. >>' s and then also the concern that was presented withk')nxx,jñ olmos square association talking about the tunnel. if you could go back and address@gc those issues as well. >> sure.
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as mr. hernandez was stateddingss5pm! that the folks in olmos square wanted to see the project expanded to be broaderwccb than just oak and fell between scott and baker. we have looked at their issuesq ) there's ongoing discussion with the fo/ and we have secured some funding next year to address conditions particularly on scotd street. so it's not the whole olmos square but 3j street as it extends further into6if=kom the wiggle. so i think we have funding to do some of those things but not theyog: whole package that he's asking for at this time.u> iabhave no questions. i just want to point out that we have to remember that we're not7suttájjt this project for the current cyclists who are actually out there on the street. we're doing this projectjúg9' for the cyclists who aren't out there on the streets and that's exactly nñtñ you talked about
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mr. montoya when you brought thiseuga up. it is our goal our strategy, that we help people to decide to!@ç#r bike in san francisco. with blocks like that thereyqy(ç are a lot of people who won't block and who won't take the1yorárpvqj street hill or page street hill. it might not be that?ñ8 bad for a strong bicyclists but if you're coming home with aâ > groceries you won't take the hill and a lot of people cano@ ch ei-bike that. it will be interesting to see the genders implications. new york has been doing interesting questions with what happens to the gender mix of cyclists after they implement separated bike '&tñ>bi that the number of women bicyclists goes up. it's so important to get women cycling in the city, just as the equality issue alone i think is really big to me. and i just wanted to point out stop removal and i'll bring it
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up because that's my bus stop and i'm happy to sacrifice that bus stop for efficiency of muni and the two or three parking spots we will gain. i'm ready to give a motion for approval. >> chairman nolan: we're not quite there yet. but aisle keep that m mind. what would be a problem with doing the continental crosswalk;wf6 . >> these projects are grant funded and the grant scope the geographic area up into that area. >> chairman nolan: i was hoping as to getsn:pñj and talk about it. it seems like a relatively inexpensive thing considering the other expenses. i would be interested in hearing about that. i thought it was intriguing about t$ose parking spaces about dmv and other parking lots, did you ever look at that? >> the dmv lot is available for weekend and evening.
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you have to pay but it's available. >> i did talk to other -- the folks who operate shell gas station for example and gotten conflicting -- folksni%ç say they have not overnight parking butyy@e for vc] bring the cars to there. so i think where possibl÷) j k9ñ these business owners have taken advantage of that because they're charging for that but io} think there are maybe some zoning restrictions as to how much they can do. >> chairman nolan: this is a way of saying to.2 concerned about parking that the agency is trying to be as creative as possiblen [z helping with that issue. now we have from director, i think we("'ñ have a motion, no second to remove that bulb, the 13th one. >> yes.
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motion? >> is there a second? any further discussion? all in favor say aye.
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>> ayes. >> we'll take a 10 minute break.ñ you. >> (the meeting is inkaak+
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>> , treatmently, extremely poor people. they have no parking, but they might have 2-bd hear next it that is the yellow cab garage with 500 cabs. with r500 cabs mean 500 drivers come in the morning with that are cars to park there, and take the cars and go out, and the 500 cars are coming at 4:00 to change the shift.
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so yellow got 500 car garage only. about you 500 drives are coming to leave the car, 500 drivers are coming to -- that's like 1000 extra cars. how would you deal with that, and what would you like that this taxi driver, where will go and find the parking. arqv going to come downtown and put a 35 dollar in garage? how are they going to do it. connecticut street is one of the streets left after cesar chavez. nor more parking, not even single car. based on that, leave the connecticut street out of the $4 parking and not to do it. thank you very much. >> anybody else? >> no. they do wish to talk about item
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b, the four hour parking on connecticut. lawrence here? no. all right. and so on 10.2q -- >> chairman nolan: mr. toronto's got something. >> if you give me three minutes i'll address all of them because i think i'm the only one that pulled all these. >> chairman nolan: is he the only one? >> you will have to apply the time on it. >> speaking on a and b then first. i have a friend who actually has a business on connecticut street. and basically this issue involves the daily around the corner on cesar chavez. if you ask the traffic engineer he'll tell you there's a request to appease one business on cesar
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chavez street and two car repair shops and a dance venue on connecticut street that uses the parking. so just want to let you know that this is only been brought up because there's been problems of enforcing the parking issues that he was given parking -- a limited parking on -- around the corner i believe on missouri street. and because some of your staff can't do the enforcement, he begged, and pleaded to have parking restrictions on the west side of connecticut street so he could have business. so that is the story about that. >> chairman nolan: thank you. mr. lee you want to speak to those? >> good afternoon, mr. chair, members of the board. bon yee with sustainable street.
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this proposal is far from the way mr. toronto portrays. basically whatdt4nç happened was as you know, we approved bicycle lane project on cesar chavezueg÷jún about six months ago, and it's been implemented as part of that change, you can see -- you can see part of the parking being removed to accommodate the bike lane. so we look for ways to work with the businesses to make sure that there's enough turnover parking for the businesses during the day and at the same time we know that the yellow cab key op is on missouri street, which is the next street over. and they have a big shift change toward the end of the day. so what we're proposing to do, working with the businesses, is to have a four hour limit, is to have some turnover during the day and have a one hour limit
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here but this particular restriction only goes to 2 pm. so that will guarantee rigorous turnover during the day and then when the cab drivers come for the shift there had been spaces available for them when they come for the new shift. and we've also looked at unregulated spaces on evans avenue near the overpass as well as marin street which is the street that feeds off from evans on the lower side of( there's at least 50 to 60 unregulated spaceswe into -- parking to accommodate the spillover demand for they1)cab drivers and others in the area who need the longer term
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-- >> the restriction that goes to 4:00 is a four hour limit. if you park there for shift change you have the necessary hours. neither will restrict 4:00 shift changing by cab drivers. >> the other ends at 2 pm. >> chairman nolan: thank you. members of the board. >> motion to approve. >> chairman nolan: 10.a2 and b. let's go to q, s and w. >> having to do with townsend street, evans avenue and valencia, removed at the request of a member of the public. barry toronto. >> are you going to give me three minutes for all of them? do i have to speak to them separately two minutes each? >> you

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